Saturday, November 28, 2009

A comment on "A life to Live" = A life worth living Share

I recently started a what I called The Writing Blog. The purpose is a thematic sharing page between me and my friends, especially my friends in English Department Ambon, My students at my English course at home as well as my other friends who will find the blog useful for them to keep writing (even though only 1 passage) in English. I suggested 1 theme to write each week and sent the notification to all I thought will be interested. I get some reply back and I found myself warmed by their responses. Some are funny, some are sad... but through that I and hopefully those who read learn about different way we live and experience.

This week theme is A life to Live.. So far there are 9 comments but what I want to share here is my father's comment I found on it this morning. What I thought first that the blog will help others to practice English etc... Praise God! It has become a voice of God telling me how beautiful and blessed my life is, with great parents, family and friends. Thank you Daddy and Mum for being the greatest parents who always remind me of what is important in life. So I am going to post this week theme and my father reply to it below. But you can also welcome to check the Writing Blog site. May it be a blessings to you.

A Life to Live

England is a land of intrestingness… :) The weather is grey and not so sunny and bright as in America, but still it possess a great nuance. It’s like a set of mystery movie and picture. There’s something I like here that you might find a bit peculiar. I like the cemetery or the grave yards. I am fascinated by the eery yet serene feeling when I look at it. It is beautiful as it will hamper a wide spread of grounds with jutted carved headstones and statues of angel. I find the trees surround it very charming in their big and stronghold roots.

Most of all when I look at the graves, they remind me of LIFE.. yes life… not death. It reminds me of how shot life is and what I would want to do with it. I wonder what will people think of me when the saw my headstone one day. Thus, it propels me to be a better person.

OK… now think about yourself. What do you think/want people to remember you for, when you die one day…

I know, it’s kinda scary thought of death… but it will be a good start to get better, right?

Very well, Write away friends!


----- My Father's Comment -----

Dear Eny

A life to live seems to be a simple theme, but in reality it is hard to put something down into words about a life someone is living. Many people do not even know why they are here in this world, why they are alive; they thought it is just because a woman gave birth to them so they are here on earth. On what reason and on what purpose they are being created, they simply don’t know. The thing is, some people dont even want to know why. Is it a choice for them to be (a)live? Do they even have other choices as well. I am not talking from the point of view of a Christian, but from the eyes of a common earthling. For a (true) Christian it is clear and without any doubt knows and understands the purpose of being created and how to live his life. He is being created on behalf of and because of the LOVE of the Father to him/her, and to live a life is living in the grace and blessing of the Heavenly Father in patient preparation for the eternally life together with the Father in His Kingdom, for His Kingdom must be filled with people he loved.
Living a life is living surrounded by all the beauty of the creation, the sun, the clouds, the rainbow, trees, mountains and valleys, birds, bees, people, family, neighbours, etc.

Do you remember the trip 3 hour trip by motorbike from Halong to town during the extremely hard times of our life; the civil war in 1999 – 2005. We had to leave home a 05.30 or 06.00 in the early morning; me to my office and you to college? Arriving home in late afternoon or sometimes in the evenings depends on the weather and the condition of the motorbike? Remember when we must slide down by motorbike from the top of a mountain through mud and rain, remember when we must climb a steep mountain-side by holding on roots of trees arriving in town all wet and covered by mud? Remember when we sometimes must sleep at uncle Senry’s house because we were too tired to travel through the mountains back home. In fact it wasn’t even our home, it was a refugee’s place we called home, for we have no home no more.

But through it all do you remember when we on our way by motorbike in the early morning, always stopped for a while to admire the colors of the splendid sunrise from behind the island of Nusalaut, and thanked God for He is such a great painter. We thanked Him for we enjoyed His creation which gave us strength to continue our trip, our life through those uncertain days. Do you remember our favourite place on the top of the mountain, before entering Hutumury, where we used to stop end enjoy the view, pray, and thank the Father for His care and love. We didn’t have much during those days, but He was so wonderful pouring our hearts with richness of His creation. We felt like we had everything, those days.

Do you remember the time when we celebrate Christmas Eve, in Halong during the conflict years, where our dinner only consists of some poor rice porridge? There were no Christmas tree, no presents, no new clothes, no nothing. Those are the passage of the life we’ve lived.

And now, when we look back upon all those days we’ve lived, we do realize there is nothing else we would like to go through, what has happen during our lives is priceless, it is not to be compared with anything else.

The life to live for me, for you, your husband, my family are the days of certainty, no doubt many events are awaiting ahead, good ones, bad ones but all above all, that’s the life to live.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving in Christmas

It's the last week of November means Thanksgiving is near.. In fact... it is tomorrow.
YAY!!! to friends and family who celebrate it.

What comes to me when I have the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving last year was how similar it is to our Christmas celebration in Ambon and Indonesia. We will remember the bountiful food and the importance of gathering together as family around the table to share the food full of thanks giving in our hearts (sounds like a song... hmmmm).

Hmmm... thinking of Thanksgiving make me miss Christmas in Ambon, Indonesia, more and more. These last few days I've been fed up with all this christmas-y cheer here in UK. All day long the TV, the Newspapers, The magazines, the billboards all adorned in festive-what they called- Christmas theme. but I loathed all those... And as Christian (as the sermon this Sunday echod) I am slightly offended.

Some of you probably have sent herds of Christmas cards, but did you notice that more and more cards said "Seasons Greeting" instead of "Christmas Greetings". And Christmas is nothing but presents and gifts... A commercial vandalism to the message of Christmas... One of the TV Commercial... Christmas is not Christmas without ***** (name of shopping place)... or... "Come on! It's Christmas buy those luxurious treat"... And worst of all... I am sad to see so-called-father christmas is a fat guy in red shouting ho ho ho wiggling his belly. Please Christian people do not trade Jesus for Santa Claus or Sinterclass.

Someone said well... what can you do, Christmas is a culture now... another said it's a habit... another said It's public thing... well... think whatever you like... As Christian I am offended, sad and angry because it is us, the Christians, who allow such degradation to the real meaning of Christmas that supposed to be more than just a gifts and presents in pretty wrapping.

Where is Jesus? Despite all the snicker, awkward smile and rolled eyes I receive when I say this... as well as a lurched to a 'intelligent' discussion about the existence of Jesus and the history of Christmas Day.... I have faith in Jesus. I am a Christian and that is my faith.

It is what faith is all about. Hebrew 11: 1 "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see".. It is beautifully translated in Indonesian language in much deeper meaning "Faith is the basis of everything we hoped for and proof of everything we do not see-cannot see-have not seen". Who are you to judge me wrong for at the end of the day when Jesus come as the crowned King, the Mighty Judge of universe, you and I will be given our reward for being faithful. 2 Timothy 4:7 "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith".

I feel the celebration here in UK is just a commercial christmas-y, a seasonal celebration and fallen so far off from the spirit of Christmas - thanks giving for the faith we shared, the love of God came down to earth as human and sacrifice for us, the love that surpass the act of giving present.

It is the love that is shared together around the table of family meal instead of grand Christmas dinner with "party like a celebrity" and ended up drunk in the morning of Christmas... or missing Christmas morning church service because we are too busy opening present from the fat man in red.... give me a break... where is this fat man in other times of the year when food are scarce in our plate... I wonder if at these times the food or money or job will be dropped from the chimney or be found in the Christmas socks.

This year thanksgiving and Christmas I am thankful for:
- Extraordinary Family and friends. Near and Far... and our little family.. just the two of us.
- Christmas Tradition that still remember the true Christian spirit.
- Each moment that God reminded me of what is important in life.
- Each little and enormous blessings I receive in life
- Each mistakes God helped me to mend

I will miss:
- The coming around the table on Christmas eve dinner holding hands in bowed heads to pray in thanks giving for God's blessing this year and years to come. And then hugs and kissed each other and ask forgiveness if there are grudges we still keep for one another.
- Playing firecrackers and kembang api and air mancur with nieces, nephew, brother, sisters, neighbors while waiting for 12 midnight for a Christmas eve prayer together as family.
- Came out after 12 to the sound of cannonballs from ships, church bells rings loudly from every direction, big fire works in the sky and hopping to next door neighbors for a Merry Christmas Greeting. Sometimes we pull chair and sit out side with family and friends.. bring the cookie jar, tea or lemonade outside to share together.
- Waking up in early Christmas morning and rushed to church with our new dress. Joining the herds of people on the street also heading to church for Christmas morning service
- Then the day continue with receiving visits from family and friends and little children. Take turn to go and visit our relatives.
- the homemade foods and cookies!!!! No store bought and factory made cookies and cake can beat these massive array of food. December air will be filled with cake and cookies smell.

Aahhh... In spirit of thanksgiving for God's wondrous blessing I wish All who celebrate Thanksgiving a bountiful blessing and togetherness... and to all of us who celebrate Christmas, may you find the true meaning of Christmas this year!!!