Sunday, January 3, 2010

Passing 2009 to 2010

31 Dec 2009 - The Last Day of 2009
Wow!! What a feeling! I have woke up to 365 new days sometimes with big hope sometimes with a moody feeling. Adults breathe in average between 18,000 - 30,000 per day meaning that in average I had breathe between 6,570,000 – 10,950,000 times in 2009. I am alive and breathing. So Thank You God for the blessing of life. For every single breath that I take, I worship You, My God, My Creator and My Salvation.

This is my second year away from my big family in Ambon for both Christmas and New Year. But this year is special, Simon and I got to spend Christmas and New Year with our small family that God put together. He he he he… whenever I think about it I got the tingle in a silly place… like it start in my toes make me crinkle my nose… whenever I go the feeling shows… he he he he….. We also do not travel anywhere for this holiday time – in anticipation for the 2010 plan – we simply savor every second we have.

My habit for the last few years, watching the last sunrise of the last day of the year then the sunset that marked the end of the daylight in the year and of course, the sunrise of the new year. So here I am in Brighton, UK sat on my window with a mug of hot tea with milk – British Tea. I meant to go out to the beach but Alas the weather is not very friendly at the moment. The wind is blowing pretty hard, I can hear it banging my window. There’s a light rain outside with temperature of 4 C. The wind 13mph and wind chill at 0 C… so yes… it is cold outside.

I parted our curtain to let the sunshine in and I can see it now slowly coming in although it is gloomy outside. I am waiting for the sun to go high. Allowing the ray of sun chased the dark away. While waiting for the sun, I made a collage of the picture from Dec 2008 to Dec 2009. Let me tell you stories behind those pictures...

Dec 2008 - My and the Snowman. That's my first snowman and first snow during my study in US. I miss everyone in Hartford. I met new best friends, sisters and family apart from the knowledge from my study. I thank Rev. Jacky Manuputty for unforgettable learning and experience money can't buy.

Dec 08 - Jan 09 - Simon and me travel some cities in Europe for Christmas and New Year, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussel, Maastricht, Volendam, Voorthuisen. Never in our wildest dream we can do that. God is Good to us.

April 2009 - Sherman Street and Friends first Outdoor spring breakfast together.
May 2009 - I think this is the barbecue afternoon after we completed the papers and exams. A Spring party with lecturers, students and family.

May 2009 - The Women Leadership Institute last day group pictures. Here are my soul sisters. I miss the once a month session.

May 2009 - Also marked my graduation from Hartford Seminary. Pheew... I never thought I would make it. Thank you God.

June 2009 - Reem's farewell and also farewell to most of us who will depart home. I am one of those people flying home.

July 2009 - Young Ambassadors for Peace workshop. I miss those spark when I am around these wonderful young people.

October 2009 - Here's me and Simon in UK. We will be here for 1 year!!!


31 Dec 2009   4.45PM The sun has finally set for 2009. Yes, the sun sets at 4 PM because it's daylight saving. We had our dinner and prepare to head out to the Brighton Pier at Sea front to join streams of people looking forward for 2010.

Seafront was packed with people from all over the world. Travelers, tourists and local people joined together. Exactly at Midnight, people started to launched fireworks and they also launched Lanterns, paper lanterns. It's like Chinese new year lantern only it's not red but white paper. Soon the sky was filled with flying lantern carrying hopes, dreams and prayers for a better 2010. In the back ground, fire works boom booming, people cheering, waves splashed the pebbles and music from seafront pub and bars. Simon and I stood in embrace sharing our hopes and dreams...lift a thankful prayer to God the Almighty... We have our lantern flying upwards too... in the shape of our hearts. Happy 2010