Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Return..

Jiah! that sounds more like the title of a horror movie... lol

However, there's nothing horrific about it... it's actually silly. So after a Looooooooooooong Pause or hibernating phase of updating this blog.... here I am... TA-DA!!

The reasons are many but the most prominent one is that I was doing my MA degree and I created a new blog for it... you can find it here

However, due to brain limitation and poor password management, I lost the password to this blog. Which prompt me to continue writing on the other blog.

Now that I finished my MA and return to Ambon... Oh I am in Ambon at the moment....I magically recover the password to THIS blog and lost the password to the OTHER blog... lol... I know! I Know!

Either way, I am back!