Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Note on My Birthday

So I have another birthday. Another Year passed and many more years to fill with love and adventure.
Yes, I am now the big 3-0. Phew... that's a big number. I have been blessed abundantly, beyond my imagination and I am thanking God for all His love and grace.I am thanking my mom and dad for they have done one-hell-of-a-great job raising me, educating me and help me finding my own way. Imagine if they decided to ditch me even before i was born, or raise me badly. I can't imagine the result. But all in all, I know God has written each one of us a beautiful plan of life.

I had a wonderful birthday. This is rather an important milestones. As I said before, I'm in the big 3-0.
I had a wonderful early birthday surprise from my better-half (Thanks Honey. You're the best!)
My mom-in-law cook me a very special but sophisticated vegetable dish that took her hours to finish, plus baking me a roll-cake. I am so touched.
A funny, "it-happend-again" Birthday incident with my Mom... hehehehe...
Plus, My students gave me surprise gifts. Awww... thank so very much to Sally, Nenny, Doory, Christ and Berry. being with you is already a gift for me.

I woke up on Feb 14th, thinking what a rich person I am. I have countless Birthday greetings and many people who sends their love and blessing on my birthday. I have 2 families who love me unconditionally. Friends and family around the world. But I found my precious gift of all, lying next to me as I opened my eyes every morning. My better-half, Simon and our baby Tania. Thank you God for this wonderful life.