Saturday, September 13, 2008

And I Began to Speak in other tongue

94 Sherman Street
9/11/2008 11:48 PM

My study had finally began.
The first class was a little “O My God”.
Not just because, we are required to read up to 9 books but also the depth of content in the course that I fear I might fall behind.
See.. it involves theology interpretation of the bible etc. A concept I’m so foreign to it.
I am a Christian but never really have theology background.

Half way through the class I was intimidated by the other student in the class whom seem so bright, knowingly and expert on the field. While I find myself sitting there, kept saying to myself… “Uh-Oh… What did he says again? Who’s that person he mention?”.
Ooooh It’s funny when I think back to that second.
I mean… clearly I do not speak their language. How can I cope with that?

Then my lecturer gave 10 minutes break. I rushed to the student lounged.
Am I running away?
Am I so frightened?

A glass of cold water refreshed my dull mind

I am intimidated
But not by others or by the course … (well, maybe a little bit)
But by ME
I intimidate myself
I let myself to think that I cannot.
Who says I cannot? I just have to work a little harder

I marched back to the room with a brand new thought
Clearly I do not speak their language
But this course will enable and prepared me for a 1 year journey here at Hartford Seminary

And yes… I began to speak in other tongue

PS. Thanks Jacky

A Place I can Call Home

94 Sherman Street

The leaves of the Oak Trees in front of the main building of my campus has started to turn yellow, red and brown and then they fell to the ground. They say Fall is coming. It is also marked with the temperature drop and chilly wind. Something totally new from where I came from. I was indeed lucky to taste a little bit of scorching summer heat which left a good tan marked on my skin.

So here I am.. in America
I’m loving this new place
The people… the surrounding… the feeling … the sound

Who would have thought that a little girl dream of going to America is finally come true after quarter century of her life. The story she heard from her father about America and the thing she saw on TV. The people, the weather, the food, the roads, the technology. Now she’s experiencing it but in a totally different way. Her own way.

Before coming here, I imagine a big city with skyscrapers, hectic traffic, and people rushed about everywhere not caring who you are. I found things different here.
Green all around me… we have traffic but not as I imagine it is…
I found smiling faces around me… really care who you are.

Then I thought… God actually knows what I need better.

I arrived very very tired at JFK and found 3 big smiling faces.
Jacky, Nick and Virginia… Thank you for being there…

Then the driving… I know all of them must have been tired.
But thank you for making the trip comfortable.

I found a welcome note from my housemates…
Heartwarming welcome… from a friend I just haven’t met
And they are more than friends.. they;re family

Then everything just fall right in to place.
No rush… just flowing.
This morning, I sat in front of my window watching the squirrel plays
And the trees talk to each other.
And I think …

I can call this place …Home