Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something that jump straight off my mind and dance on my keyboard

Membuncah dan begah
Terseok menahan remuk tulang
Pecah kulit tersengat
Cermin pun harus berbohong

Tubuh menetak
Tanah yang meliat
Tapi tak hancur

Bakar… bakarlah tembikar
Biar perapian memuntahkan benjana baru

Dari aku
Dari tanganmu
Untuk kami

Belum pernah lebih dekat
Yang membuncah dan begah

Dekat sekali

Menyemburat senyum 

Biar terpanggang

Biar luka

Aku dan benjanaku

Dekat sekali

Monday, June 7, 2010

YES!!!! I'm included in the round up.

Uuuh Yeah!!! Oooh Joy!!! I am so so very happy.
My recent love story with cooking is finally shows some progress. Not just that I enjoy the cooking process or eating the result and lovin' Simon's yummifying it, but also in taking picture of it. I think my new love story is growing with food Photography.

In regards to this last love story i mention above, I finally made it to Cooking Community on Internet called Masak Bareng Yuuuk! I got to know and bookmarked several blog of much experienced friends and got really inspired.

Well, this month I decided that I'm brave enough to include my recipe and photo for this months theme Egg-Based Dish. Lucky for me, my better-half bought me a BBC cooking book and I found a simple recipe, Greek Salad omelet, that contain two of my fave food items, black olives and feta cheese. Plus, when it was done the smell and taste of parsley with cooked omelet was really divine. Simon, on the other hand, don't fancy olives. No biggie, he just have to chuck them to my plate. Anyway, I made it to the round up! Together with much experience friends I have been drooling over their blog all this time. To see the round up result click here.
Hehehehe... It's just a small thing of course... but it made me really happy to find a new hobby that I really enjoy. Who knows it can bring fortune one day. ^_^

And to my honey, Thanks for letting me borrow the camera plus cheering me upand ran around crazy taking picture of the food. Luv ya!!!

To get the complete recipe of Greek Salad Omelet click  here.