Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 New Discoveries

Good Morning all!! At least it is morning here ini UK. 6. 45 am to be precise.
Anyhow, those 3 new discoveries are revelations, marks of a new beginning (???)
Babble... babble... bablle... in short

Discovery #1
I no longer fit in my clothes. At least the clothes I brought from Indonesia. Those I wish I can wear for summer. We were doing a bit of spring cleaning yesterday and finding time to sort through clothes. You know, winter has passed and summer is around the corner. Time to packed up the thick jackets shawls etc and put some colors and mini dresses \(^,^)/....
It's no biggie... I know... but learning to be realistic, I need to put aside, donate or throw away those clothes I love. C'Mon, it will probably be loooong time before i can fit in them again. By that time, I reckon I rather buy new ones.... HEY KA-CHING!!! YAY!!! blessing in disguise... a perfect reason for SHOPPING!!!

Discovery #2
Public toilets in Brighton, UK are awesome. I think I have befriended most of them. From supermarket's toilet, park toilet's, restaurant toilet's, railway and airport's toilet etc. I am very glad that they were all in great condition. Not smelly, clean and dry. oh well not germ free of course. C'Mon it's PUBLIC toilets.
But with my present condition I want to thank the council staff and volunteer workers who worked very hard keeping public toilet clean. People might underestimate and sometimes disrespect you, but you'all have done great to add to our comfort. THANK YOU!!!

Discovery #3
I loooove cooking. Surprisingly! Can't say I'm good at it. But I love the process and of course result. Best part is if it turned out to be (surprisingly) yummy - apart from surprise it is actually edible - is the nummy noise we made on the table yummifying the food. hehehehehe... Thanks to my better-half who never complained and always joyful to finish anything I put on the table.
With my ever increasing need and craving to eat, I have fun playing the role of financial manager. Making sure little can go a long way and still be nutritious, balance and healthy. So far so good....
And on promotional note... visit my foodie blog where I put complete recipe of my cooking. Mind you, it's beginner's cooking but fun enough to try.
Now, please agree with me.. there's no such things as I can't cook. Everyone can cook.
You just need to put aside time, be brave and have fun. What my better-half said, "cooking should be fun and daring. and Adventure". I mean he is getting good at cooking too. He's much daring and adventurous with ingredients and sometime put other ingredients (that we don't usually put) in his cooking and it turned out just as great as it is with his twist on it. Anyhow, try cooking and have fun...

Oh well, I am celebrating little things in life. Nothing in life is a coincidence. God is only too good for us.
Be blessed all

Monday, May 24, 2010

After A Great Weekend - I'm Browning

Monday! Do I love monday... Yeah pretty much...
Anyhow, I had a great weekend. It's proper spring to summer weather.
I ditched the extra layer of long-sleeved + stocking and long johns, shaved my legs (lol!!!), put on mini sack dress, sunglasses, lotion and headed out to the glorious sun.
It's something about the sun that makes you feel so ALIVE!!
Of course, back home I'll be (sometimes if not always) cursing the hot weather. But after a looong winter I am ready to embrace the sun.

We spend 2 days in a row at the beach with the view that of course - a feast to any man's eyes.
Sprawling semi naked bodies on the beach and parades of bare shaved legs and sexy shoulders are literally EVERYWHERE!! In the lawn in front of the church, small parks, stairs in front of the house any place with sun. People are sun-hogging. Simon and I giggled at these new 'species' which last week, when the temp was still nippy, was nowhere to be seen.

Sunblock and sun lotion with high SPF has gone up by 100% this weekend. Which remind me I need to get one too. I find my skin, esp my nose, burns easily now. At least I do not want to ended up like a lost Rudolph in Summer.

Alright, the day promise a great sunny and warm. I'm gonna enjoy it. Coz by Thursday it will plummet a bit.

Happy Sunny Days!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


**Grinning ear-to-ear**

I've been wanting to write for a loooooooong time now. The excuse were lazy, no mood, lost of energy and no mood. So today, out of no apparent reason - no sudden bells ringing or light shone from above - I'm just in the mood for writing (again).

**Lips pouting** Alright!!!.... **Scratching my nose** What to write???
AHA! Random Notes ... (bear with me!!!)

- I need to start editing and uploading pictures and notes for my foodie blog as promised to several friends. Sorry girls, tiredness just get the better of me.
- Write down shopping list for next week for tomorrow.
- Set new goals and new routine for my daily exercise. I've been doing 4 laps of brisk walk around The Level Park plus go up and down the 'hill' to our house. I've been thinking of adding new routine such as window shopping at London Road and North Laine. LOL!!!
- The kitchen floor needs scrubbing... Hmmmm... whether I want and in the mood for that. Let's see...
- Decide whether my new hobby of moving the TV (it's a small TV!!!) from bedroom to kitchen or dining room so I can watch my fav daytime TV is a good one? My better-half said I'm turning into "ibu rumah tangga" (not that it's a bad thing to be one though- but on the point of being addicted to soap opera - Arrrghh Sinetron). Hmmm... Maybe 'Desperate Housewife' hehehehehe.
Mind you... I'm hooked on cooking show and Murder-Investigation Drama plus of course Neighbors and Home and Away which we can call Sinetron.
- Spring weather is awfull in the meantime. Nippy and rainy... Oh What a great british Weather...

Alright, that's about it now. I'm off doing stuff