Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Song of The Moment

I am singing this song of Nikita - Pilihan Terbaikku. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1mPGWTKub8
I should thank this girl's sweet voice and the blessed song writer for this wonderful blessed song.
Getting nearer to Easter and I am meditating on how life is and how God's been working wonderfully in big or small unnoticeable way.

I'm putting the lyrics below and will translate it so my fellow friends of non-Bahasa Indonesia speaker will be blessed as well.

Pilihan Terbaikku (My Best Choice)
by Nikita

Bila Ku Renungkan               (When I Think about)
Betapa Beruntungnya Diriku  (How Lucky I am)
Ku Dapat MengenalMu         (to know YOU)
Dan Merasakan kasihMu       (and to feel YOUR love)
Bila Ku Bayangkan                (When I imagined)
Mengapa Kau Menyelamatkanku (Why YOU saved me)
Ku Bersyukur Selalu              (I am always grateful)
Kau Ada Dalam Hidupku      (YOU are in my life)
Walau Saat Ini               (Though at the moment)
Dunia Tak Mengerti       (The world cannot understand)
Mengapa Hatiku MengasihiMu (Why my heart loves YOU)
Suatu Saat Pasti Kan Terbukti  (One day it will be proven)
Kau Pilihan Terbaikku    (YOU are my best choice)

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