Monday, December 5, 2011

I am now a ………… Momma

I was chatting with a friend last night and he asked me whether motherhood is difficult. The question took me by surprised for 2 reason; one, his question was a bit out of the content that we were talking about and second, I don’t know how to answer. Motherhood has its ups and downs but always the most beautiful role on earth. At the moment, my 1,2 y/o baby is beginning to walk and exploring so more work, time and attention are needed.

I asked him why he asked me that. He said I didn’t write anymore. He is looking forward for my next blog entry. Awww… how nice… It feels good when you know something you did is enjoyed by others.

I told him that of course Motherhood has its constraints. As a mother, I have different perspective of life, my priorities changed and husband, my baby and family life comes first. At the moment, better-half is working in another province so Tania got all my attention. Mind you, taking care of baby/toddler is a round the clock work. I admire my mother and generations before them.

I told my friend that despite the constraints, having a baby enable me to develop new skills.
I am now a …………
  1. One-Hand-Momma: I am now skilled to work with one hand (left hand) while balancing a baby on my hip.
  2. Multi-tasking Momma: I can talk on the phone with my husband while feeding Tania and simultaneously talking to her and Simon.
  3. Creative-Momma: I made up silly songs in minutes or tell an imaginative story about bird poo in seconds.
  4. Artistic-gymnastic-Momma: I sing, dance, pranced, jumped, run, roll, throw, catch and what ever that is needed to play, entertained and learn new skill with her
  5. Talking-Polly-Momma: I talk about anything and everything to Tania. Repeating one word like a hundred times (or more) to help her pick up the language.
  6. Chef-Momma: Constantly searching and researching for food and recipe that she will like and cook it from scratch. Tania is lactose intolerance. So we give her only home cooked food.

So I do write but not as much as I used to and as I wanted to. Most of the writing I do now were not publicized (yet). So I thank him for reminding me of my passion. Sometimes, we also need a bit of that kick to get us starting again. At the moment, I have a lot on my plate and I need to be wise to put everything in its position.

So here's an update on my blog for all my friends who wonder what on earth happening to me in Motherhood land. I tell you... it's a serious(ly) fun circus and I'm the Juggler!

Now I have to go, need to cook Tania's food before she wakes up.... have a nice day everyone

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