Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Water Girl

I remembered sitting in a Women Leadership class and our professor asked us to write a description of who we are. I wrote this following....

The water girl
Flows with the flows
Often bumps on hard rocks
But always manage to get through
Seeped through soil and hard stones
Though it takes time but the water will seep through
It is just a matter of time and patience
Colliding mingle mixing and always fluid with surrounding
Can be still as the lake
Can bubble with glee as the stream meet on the mouth of the sea.
Can sparkle and sprinkle as the raindrops lured it
Can rage as the stormed sea and calmed on the next wind breeze
Refreshed, soothed, cleansed
Deep and reflective
Reaching out and embrace
Water, element of life, you cannot live without.

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