Monday, January 9, 2012

Notes on Padang Arrival Day and Day 1

- Short Note on Arrival in Padang: Arrived at about 3 PM. The weather was pretty bad and we had a bumpy ride on our airplane. We were welcomed by drizzle or rain and a slightly bigger one as we headed in a taxi to Simon's rented room, which will be our 'home' for the next ..... Time. I got Tania to sleep and then start unpacking and tidied thing up. Simon went to the market and bought the essentials... Electric Fan, Rice Cooker, water dispenser, plates, glasses and cutleries. We had a good nap. Our dinner was rice and food we packed from Ambon; sambal goreng Tempe and Ayam ungkep goreng, with an addition of pop mie to add a bit of soupy thing for our rice. note on the rice in Padang ... Not very nice. ---

Padang, Day 1
It was Sunday and it Began with no running water. 
It didn't dampen the spirit. What's a day without bath anyway? Hehehe.... Surely the three of us can managed that. 
We had the same breakfast as our dinner (meaning no extra spending for food)
Today is spent to shopping for some other essential and getting me to get used to the traffic (amazingly crazy people driving) and the route to the market and shops. It helps me to see the areas and calculate time and need whenever me and Tania go out for our daily food shopping. 
lunch at shopping center. Back to the room and nap.
Late afternoon was for me to get creative and utilize the rice cooker as our alternative cooking device (since we haven't bought the kompor yet)- warm the rice, cook Tania's porridge, heat the soup for our dinner. DONE! Lovely day 1.

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Ephi Ong said...

it is possible to make telor dadar and tumis kangkung in the rice cooker. hahahaha. tried it a couple of times in the past, it's not too bad, but may need a little 'patience' in the ingredients.